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Solidarity with Stella's Workers

Fireweed Food Co-op stands in solidarity with Stella's workers at the Sherbrook location, who have been on strike since September 21st.

Their demands:

  • a 25-cent pay raise for workers that have been at Stella's for over a year (in line with the increase to minimum wage)

  • guaranteed 30 hrs/week for senior staff

  • ending the practice of forcing workers to take breaks in the middle of serving a table, causing them to lose out on those tips

Our work at Fireweed is guided by a vision of a democratic local food system that is sustainable for the planet and for people. We stand against the exploitation of food system workers of any kind.

The public can play a crucial role by putting pressure on an employer that has refused to come to the table. Fireweed Food Co-op board members and staff have been and will continue to boycott all Stella's locations until further notice, and we call on our members and the public to do the same. You can also review Stella's Strike and Boycott Menu to learn what else can be done to help Stella’s workers receive a healthier and more fair work environment.

(images from Solidarity Winnipeg's and Not My Stellas instagram pages)

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