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Fireweed Food Hub

Food from this place all in one place.

About Fireweed Food Hub 

Fireweed Food Hub is Winnipeg’s first cooperatively-run aggregator and wholesale distributor of local, sustainably produced food. By aggregating from many food producers, Food Hub fills an important gap in the supply chain that smaller scale, sustainable regional producers often struggle to bridge, making it easier for wholesale customers to source local and small producers to increase their sales. 


In doing so, the Food Hub provides a competitive alternative to the global supply chain and increases resiliency in the local food system. 

The impacts of this model include: 

1. Keeping more money in the local economy;
2. Scaling up sustainable food production;
3. Getting more nutritious food into places the market fails to provide for;
4. And more!

Fireweed takes inspiration from the many values-driven Food Hubs across North America who play a key role in strengthening their regional food systems.  Learn more about the Food Hub model from our friends at Red Tomato here. 

We are driven by a sustainable and socially just vision of Manitoba’s food system in which regionally-sourced, low-carbon-input foods make up a more competitive share of the market for fresh foods in the province. 


Smaller scale, low-input, mixed-crop agriculture still feeds the majority of the world, has a lower carbon imprint, and is more adaptive, regenerative and resilient in the face of climate change. We believe in the power of collectivization of agriculture of this kind as part of a better future for all Manitobans, one that increases ecological resilience, maintains supply chain transparency and increases food security for our province. A Food Hub can help us make this vision a reality.

Our Vision

Deliveries-12 (1).jpg
Loewen Family Homestead-3.jpg

Our first year was structured as an applied research project, thanks to funding from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.


Learn more about findings in our CAP 1 report and CAP 2 report.

Interested in becoming a Food Hub customer, producer or supporter? Visit our NEW Food Hub website!

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