Fireweed Food Co-op (formerly known as Farm Fresh Food Hub) is a nonprofit co-op for producers and supporters of Manitoba-grown sustainably produced food. We were founded under the belief that small-scale, mixed farming is the most ecologically sustainable and resource-efficient kind of agriculture. However, the globalized food system disadvantages small farmers by denying them the same economic subsidies and legal protections afforded to the largest scales of agriculture. 

Furthermore, capitalism and other structural forces deny many citizens access to the basic needs of survival, including healthy, good quality food. 


As a co-operative for both food consumers and producers, we are dedicated to creating a larger, more stable market for locally and sustainably produced food in the region, and to making good food more accessible to more individuals, families and community as a whole.


We envision a regional food system that is collaborative and prioritizes not only regenerative and sustainable ecological practices but fair labour practices, as well as one that is dedicated to increasing the accessibility of good food.


By becoming a member of the co-op, you join us in

creating a future with a more thriving, resilient

local food system in our province.


To reduce barriers to, and increase participation in, the local food system for all people from producers to eaters.
Just like the beautiful northern plant we draw our name from, Fireweed Food Co-op aims to build a thriving community by spreading seeds and creating strong, lateral root networks.


A resilient, democratic, sustainable and just regional food system for all.
This is further embodied in the four dimensions of our work: 

Developing exciting spaces for producers and consumers of local food to gather, connect and learn.

Creating cooperatively owned economic infrastructure that reduces barriers to local producers in their desire to access market opportunities.

Striving towards supporting, promoting and scaling up regenerative, sustainable agriculture to help address the climate crisis in our region.

Working on a structural and community level to increase quality food access for all Manitobans.








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Fireweed has a member-elected, volunteer working board of nine people who are passionate about working together to create a more thriving, accessible and just local food economy. Our board is made up of farmers, food-researchers, community members, chefs, restaurant industry workers, civil servants, and community organizers.

Staff: We have a Projects Coordinator, Asha Nelson, a Communications Coordinator, Laura Pelser, a Supplier Coordinator, Lexi Van Dyck, an Office & Finance Coordinator, Derek Bassey, and a Market Coordinator, Cortney Jaworski.  

Current directors: Katie Daman, Hannah Muhajarine, Matthew McCormick, Adara Kaita, Naomi Gichungu, Owen Campbell, Jenna Drabble, Dharma Aguilar-Cardenas, Geert Hemelings, Kaley Young.

Thank you to our past board members: Kelly Janz, Nathan Enns, Hillary King, Jonathan Kroeker, Anna Sigrithur, Arianna Hildebrand, Nick Rempel, James Magnus-Johnston, Leanne Dunne, Reuben Van Gaalen, Lindsay Waedt.

And thank you to our outgoing 2021 staff: Anna McKinnon, Anna Sigrithur, and Janelle Wride.

Thank you to our Funders