Safe(r) Spaces Community Survey

This summer, Fireweed Food Co-op’s board and staff participated in a two-part anti-oppressive Safe(r) Spaces Workshop hosted by Red Tent. Since then, we’ve started to draft our safer space policy, however in order to be the most effective, we want to incorporate input from our community, starting with this survey! In the coming months, we also plan to consult with community groups/organizations with the hopes of developing a comprehensive and meaningful anti-oppressive safe(r) spaces policy for our organization.


What is a safer spaces policy you ask? A safer spaces policy is a set of guidelines for a space that help to reduce harm for individuals experiencing marginalization in order to create a safer, more inclusive space for all.


Please note that this survey is completely optional and anonymous. Your answers will not be shared nor can they be traced back to you. The results of this survey will only be shared with the Fireweed Food Co-op board and staff in order to inform our safer spaces policy. We thank you for taking time to answer these questions!

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