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The Veggie Van (est. 2021) is a mobile market that serves affordable fresh local produce to underserved communities in Winnipeg.

The goals are two-fold. By making nutritious local produce more affordable and accessible, this initiative helps to address food insecurity and improve health and socio-economic outcomes in lower-income neighbourhoods. Sourcing locally also directly supports small sustainable farmers which in turn helps strengthen the local food system and local economy as a whole.


Although this is a relatively new model, research on the impacts of mobile

markets is already showing promising results in combating food insecurity and

improving food literacy, among other outcomes. Learn more here.

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Schedule & Locations

The Veggie Van mobile market is active during summer and into fall, when Manitoba is in peak produce season! Stay tuned for the 2024 schedule.

Each week, we will set up at the locations of our community partners:

How You Can Help 

Operating a pay-what you-can model allows any and all people to access food at the Veggie Van, regardless of financial barriers they may be facing.

Veggie Van customers in more secure financial positions are encouraged to contribute a bit extra in order to help cover the cost for others.

The Veggie Van serves a vast and diverse scope of individuals and communities in Winnipeg. We are always looking for volunteers to help at Veggie Van stops.
Volunteers who are already connected with one or more of our community partners, are prioritized for volunteering at each stop. We want to encourage folks to actively participate in the food security in their own neighbourhoods and communitites!

Interested? Please fill out our volunteer application
or email for more information.

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All produce is subsidized by 70-100% to help reduce barriers to access. Some of the offerings include cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, beets, carrots, watermelons, apples etc. 

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Our Sponsors

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The Veggie Van

The Veggie Van

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