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photo: Jordan Janisse

Fireweed Food Co-op is both a community service co-op where profits are reinvested into advancing the mission of the cooperative, and a multi-stakeholder co-op made up of producer and consumer members. Combining these two groups and considering their needs together creates an opportunity for more creative and collaborative problem-solving. 

Our cooperative structure is intentional. We believe our food system and economy should be democratic and community-driven.  We believe accountability and transparency are necessary for building trust and making substantive change. We believe cooperation is the most sustainable and resilient path forward. There is an old adage that sums up this ethos: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. 

When you become a member of Fireweed, you have an equal voice in the direction of our work, and help support our effort to build a more just and sustainable food system in Manitoba. You are also agreeing to our statement of values.

We uphold the 7 Co-operative Principles

  • Voluntary and open membership

  • Democratic member control

  • Member economic participation

  • Autonomy and independence

  • Education, training, and information

  • Cooperation among co-operatives

  • Concern for community