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Join the Fight for Food Equity by supporting Fireweed Food Co-op

It is a challenging time for many non-profit organizations; Fireweed included. 

While we see the need and continue to grow, we’re finding it incredibly challenging to meet current demand while levelling up the operational side of our organization to support growth. We are meeting this moment by calling on YOU, our community, for support! Did you know that your financial support through membership or a monetary donation will contribute to building a resilient, democratic, sustainable and just regional food system for all Manitobans?

The Fireweed Food Hub was launched in 2020 by Fireweed Food Co-op to support our mission of reducing barriers and increasing participation in the regional food system for producers and eaters alike. The Food Hub aggregates and distributes local foods to meet wholesale demand to create new markets for local food producers in Manitoba.

We provide social and economic services, reflecting a range of actors in the food system, from farmers to consumers.

Fireweed Food Co-op runs the Food Hub, the South Osborne Farmers' Market and the Veggie Van. Through all these initiatives, Fireweed is dedicated to creating a larger, more robust and stable market for locally and sustainably produced food in the region. We are actively working to make good food more accessible to more individuals, families and the community as a whole, with the support of over 60 producer members!

In the past 4 years, Fireweed Food Hub has made a significant impact on small to mid-size local food producers in Manitoba. Sales of local food through our hub has grown from $30K in our first year to almost $300K in 2023! The need is real, and the drive is there!   

What we’re looking for is the gift of time, and your support today will provide just that; as we are about to enter into our peak harvest season! We are excited to come through this busy season and will use the calm that follows to reorganize and come back stronger in the Spring. Fireweed is looking forward to continued growth and connecting local producers to even larger sales channels. But we simply CANNOT make this a reality without your support. 

Financial support goes directly towards supporting our food hub operations and new market access for local producers, our food security initiatives, and maintaining our warehouse space where we house collective infrastructure shared by our co-op members.

To donate to our campaign (and get some great perks!) please see our Rally Up page here.

To become a member of Fireweed Food Co-op, please visit us here.

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