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Information for 

Food Hub Suppliers

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How it Works

The Benefits

  • Save your precious time and increase your sales over the longterm!

  • Access to our powerful online ordering software, Local Food Marketplace.  

  • Delivery and distribution services-- you only have to drop off to our central warehouse once a week!

  • Marketing services which include targeted advertisements and marketing to buyers via newsletters, ads and social media. 

  • Our sales services which includes dedicated, ongoing sales relationship building to wholesale buyers.

  • A sales report and pick list each week, sent to you weekly of the products purchased from you. 

  • Opportunities to plan production and coordinate city delivery with other Food Hub Suppliers. 

  • Payments sent to you bi-weekly. 

  • Membership in Fireweed Food Co-op (Food Hub only purchases from Producer Members), which also grants you the opportunity to: 

    • Participate, vote or run as a board member at our annual general meetings.

    • Participate in Food Hub policy feedback opportunities.

    • Become a weekly vendor at the South Osborne Farmers’ Market with a discount on tent rentals at the market (subject to availability).

  • Become a Producer Member of our Co-op and go through the Supplier On-Boarding Process (more information below).

  • Every Thursday, post/update your products and inventory to our online sales platform. 

  • Restaurant and retail wholesale buyers place orders from you through the Food Hub Friday-Monday at noon.

  • We send you a sales report and pick list as soon as ordering closes, and you deliver them to the Warehouse, 1338a Clifton Street in Winnipeg either on Monday evening or Tuesday during the day. 

  • The Food Hub packs and delivers your products to buyers on Wednesdays.

Check out our FAQs below, or
email us!

Become a Food Hub Supplier!

For more information:

Check out our FAQ below!
Read our Supplier Manual and learn about our Food Hub model.  

Interested but not sure?  
contact Supplier Coordinator Lexi: suppliers@fireweedfoodcoop.ca 
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Watch a recording of our Food Hub Info Session Webinar, detailing information relevant for farmers and food producers interested in being involved in the Food Hub next year. This event was held on Oct 7, 2020.

Or, Download a copy of the Info Session presentation. 



NOVEMBER 26, 2020

Download a copy of the proposed changes to our 2021

Food Hub operational model, or request meeting minutes. 

Food Hub Supplier FAQs

How does the Food Hub sell my products?

The Food Hub provides an online storefront on which you have your own producer profile and product listings available. Customers place orders from you but the payment is processed through the Food Hub, with our markup added. After the ordering window closes every week, you'll get a sales report and pick list sent to you and you will put together that order and deliver it to our warehouse. We then package individual orders and deliver them to individual customers. You are forwarded payment for your sales on a bi-weekly basis via cheque or e-transfer.

What kinds of markup does the Food Hub take?

The Food Hub adds a markup to the cost of food that is based on the total volume of the customer's purchase. This encourages larger purchases for you! To learn more about our volume commissions, please contact Fireweed staff. This markup helps to cover the costs of the services we provide.

How does pricing work?

Until farmer producer members of the co-op decide to work towards cooperatively set pricing across the Food Hub, we are allowing individual producers to set their own prices for their products. When pricing, please take into account our standard markups that get added onto your prices automatically through the food hub software, according to customer type. Read more about Food Hub standard markups in the Supplier Manual.

What is the weekly ordering/ delivery cycle?

The Food Hub operates on a weekly Thursday-Thursday sales period. Thursday 12:00am: inventory numbers re-set and producer autofill settings take effect. Friday 12:00am: Customer ordering opens and is open until noon on Monday. Monday 12:05pm: Suppliers are sent their sales report and pick list. Suppliers may deliver to the Food Hub: Tuesday 10am-6pm. The Food Hub packs and delivers orders to customers on Wednesday. The weekly period starts anew on Thursday at 12:00am. This means that you have all day Thursday to update your inventory before the next ordering cycle opens on Friday at 12:00am. IMPORTANT: If you are a veggie Supplier, your inventory listings are default set to return to zero every Thursday. Frozen/ non perishable goods Suppliers: your inventory settings are set to return either to the original level, or roll over remaining levels. Contact Anna if you'd like to change your inventory settings!

Where do I deliver my product?

You will deliver to our Food Hub warehouse, 1338a Clifton street. Our entrance is at the REAR of the building, and we have a loading bay. Do not go to 1338 Clifton at the front of the building which is Fresh Option!

How should I pack my products for delivery to the Food Hub?

Please refer to the Supplier Manual for detailed packaging and labelling guidelines!

When and how do I add products and list their availability for sale?

Every week when our new period begins on Thursday at 12:00am, you can update/ change your product availability, before customer ordering opens at 12:00am on Friday. You can also unlist and add products once customer ordering has opened, but you cannot make changes to items that have already been ordered. Check out these instructions from LFM: Add products: https://localfoodmarketplace.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/115001490583-Adding-Products-for-Sale List inventory/ availability: https://localfoodmarketplace.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005164106-Listing-Updating-Product-Availability -- In general, please refer to Fireweed Food Hub's Supplier Manual as well as Local Food Marketplace's Producer Guide for detailed instructions on everything you need to know!

By joining the Food Hub am I committing to any quotas?

Not at the moment, no. In our pilot year we are dedicating ourselves towards learning what works best for you as well as for our customers. Simply join, and list whatever you have surplus! If in the future, if you as our members decide you would like to have dedicated contracts for more guaranteed income, we can work towards that system together.

I lost the link! How do I login to my producer profile?

Do not fear! Simply go to https://fireweedfoodcoop.localfoodmarketplace.com and click Producer Login.

Fireweed Food Hub Supplier

On-boarding Checklist

  • Become a Producer Member of Fireweed Food Co-op (if you are not already) by paying our yearly membership fee of $45, online here. Memberships are valid per calendar year (ie. 2019, 2020).

  • Read the Fireweed Food Hub Supplier Manual here, and our COVID-19 Policy Guidelines, here


  • Complete the Online Supplier Application form, here.

(Note: this form asks for you to upload certain files, including photos of your farm for promotional purposes, and copies of your business insurance and production method certifications if applicable. If you prefer, you can email these to suppliers@fireweedfoodcoop.ca at a later date)

  • Familiarize yourself and comply with current local, provincial and federal food safety requirements for the product categories you supply.

  • Read the Producer Guide for our online food hub software, Local Food Marketplace, here

  • Set up your profile on Local Food Marketplace by visiting https://fireweedfoodcoop.localfoodmarketplace.com, clicking Producer Login, and begin adding products for sale!