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Farmers' Market Advisory Committee

The Farmers’ Market Advisory Committee (FMAC) was established in 2019 to create space for vendors to evaluate market successes, failures and changes that need to be made to various market activities and processes. FMAC feedback is then integrated into future market-related decisions to help create fair, strong, and relevant policies and processes.

FMAC members are drawn from Fireweed Food Co-op's board of directors and market vendors. To ensure diverse perspectives, vendors include both food and craft vendors, at least one farmer, a new vendor and a regular vendor, vendors that attend several different markets (summer & indoor), a vendor who lives in the neighbourhood and a vendor who has claimed the low-income vendor discount. Applications from vendors representing marginalized groups and vendors who fit the above criteria will be given priority. The remaining committee spots will be selected at random.


The FMAC will meet twice a year (pre-market and post-market). Applications will be open every year to allow new vendors a greater opportunity to contribute to the continued growth and well-being of the South Osborne Farmers’ Market.

If this is something that interests you, please fill out the application form below. You should expect to hear back no later than mid-April!

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