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Sveppur Kingdom is a new mushroom cultivation farm that focuses on hand made, batch sized exotic culinary mushroom. We focus on Oyster mushrooms as well as Lions Mane.

Sveppur Kingdom started by Erik Lindal was created shortly after his employment ended due to covid-19. With focus on research and development, Sveppur Kingdom was able

to produce an ideal environment for mushroom cultivation which ensures quality of the mushrooms as well as their weight and structure you can come to rely on. We focus

on producing mushrooms that are exotic or otherwise not available at the grocery store. Mushrooms of this variety often come from as far as Korea! Sourcing and growing

these mushrooms in a manner which doesn't incur heavy environmental footprint from shipping and packaging among other factors is a key value at Sveppur Kingdom. Sharing

knowledge about how these mushrooms grow and how you can do it at home is demonstrated and shared with the public free of charge at the vendor with purchase. Knowledge

on these mushrooms and how to incorporate them into your every day meals and acknowledge the health benefits these mushrooms is fundamental to our operation. We look forward to sharing this information and products with your patrons to better broaden available products at the market and knowledge about the benefits these types of exotic mushrooms can have on everyday life and health!

Sveppur Kingdom
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