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New Name. New Brand. Same Us!

We’ve recently undergone a name change to Fireweed Food Co-op, as well as a rebranding process in time to launch our Food Hub in late spring 2020.

Fireweed is a wild plant native to Manitoba commonly known for building a thriving plant community by rapidly spreading seeds and creating lateral root networks. It is a hardy species and one of the first to establish after a disturbance such as a forest fire. As our cooperative continues to grow, we wanted a name that better reflects our values and long-term vision. Through conversation with our members, we decided on Fireweed for the way it spreads and paves the way for a thriving, diverse community; it rarely stands alone. Like the fireweed, we want to play a key role in harnessing the collective power of our members, producers and eaters alike, to help rebuild a more sustainable and just food system. Follow us on our new instagram account @fireweedfoodcoop and please update your email address books accordingly.

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