Call for Proposals: Business Planning + Marketing Services for Wholesale Local Food Co-op

Fireweed Food Co-op (FFC) has received funded support to contract the services of industry experts to provide comprehensive business planning and marketing services for its newly established flagship Food Hub project, a wholesale distributor for local and sustainable foods in Manitoba. Through these services, FFC hopes to gain a practical, detailed and research-backed blueprint for the path towards the Food Hub’s long term success, both financially and in upholding our values and responsibility to stakeholders and community. All qualified and interested professionals are invited to submit a proposal by Feb 1, 2021 to be considered for this contract.

Both the RFP for Business Planning Services and RFP for Marketing Services has been posted together. We plan to contract two experts to fulfil these contracts simultaneously and with some expectation of collaboration between them. Therefore, marketing and business development consultants are encouraged to submit proposals together.

Project background: