Why become a member?


When you become a member of Fireweed Food Co-op, you help create a future with a larger, more resilient market for locally grown food in Manitoba. By becoming a Supporter Member, you can help support us as we grow and have input on the direction of the


By becoming a Producer Member, among other benefits, you get exclusive opportunity to sell to our cooperative Food Hub project-- an aggregator and wholesale supplier of locally grown foods.

Memberships renew on the 31st of January of every year.


By becoming a member of the co-op, you are agreeing to our Statement of Values. Please read them here.





Our Co-operative Principles

Fireweed Food Co-op is a multi-stakeholder co-op, meaning that, unlike other co-ops (such as worker

co-ops or buyer co-ops) we are a business that takes into account the needs of two kinds of members-- producers and consumers of local food. 


Combining both these groups and their needs together in a single co-op creates an opportunity for more cross pollination of ideas as well as creative and collaborative problem solving. It also means that at the leadership level, our board of directors is comprised of both types of members, ensuring a diverse representation in each sector's interest.

Like all co-ops, we run on democratic member participation, which means as a member you are entitled to vote to elect board members and make by-law changes, and run as a board member yourself at our Annual General Meeting in the fall. 

We also uphold the 7 Co-operative Principles:

  • Voluntary and open membership.

  • Democratic member control.

  • Member economic participation.

  • Autonomy and independence.

  • Education, training, and information.

  • Cooperation among

  • Concern for community.


We are a community service co-op spearheaded by community stakeholders to connect producers and consumers of local food.