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Fireweed Food Co-op (formerly known as Farm Fresh Food Hub) is a nonprofit co-op for producers and supporters of Manitoba-grown sustainably produced food. We were founded under the belief that small-scale, mixed farming is the most ecologically sustainable and resource-efficient kind of agriculture. However, the globalized food system disadvantages small farmers by denying them the same economic subsidies and legal protections afforded to the largest scales of agriculture. Furthermore, capitalism and other structural forces deny many community members access to the basic needs of survival, including healthy, good quality food. 

As a co-operative for both food consumers and producers, we are dedicated to creating a larger, more stable market for locally and sustainably produced food in the region, and to making good food more accessible to more individuals, families and community as a whole. 

We envision a regional food system that is collaborative and prioritizes not only regenerative and sustainable ecological practices but fair labour practices, as well as one that is dedicated to increasing the accessibility of good food.


A vibrant urban space that connects local, sustainable food communities in Manitoba. 


To improve and increase access to an urban market for small producers, while working to increase the accessibility of good food for all.

Our work is guided by the following vision comprised of four dimensions of a thriving local food economy:

  1. A thriving community

  2. A just local economy

  3. Ecological sustainability 

  4. Food access for all


FFC’s Board of Directors currently consists of nine members coming to the table with a range of experiences including community development, business and economics, policy, research, farming and more.


What do we need help with? It is always twofold for us. Making the food hub distribution centre an economically sustainable operation, as well as helping inform and refine our farmers’ market operations, which typically run from June to September. Both of these projects also seek to find ways to contribute positively to decreasing regional food insecurity. This means we’re looking for… Folks with industry experience! Folks with time, energy and passion for local food issues! Folks who want to see change in Manitoba’s food economy! If this sounds like you, keep reading… 

Our board is a working board. In fall and winter our board meets on average once a month, either virtually or in-person (we’re flexible and also like to be safe during COVID, during which time we have been meeting virtually). During the spring and summer season, there is additional flexibility in terms of time commitment. Board members are also asked to contribute to one or two committees which include: 

Food Hub Committee, Farmers’ Market Committee, Safe(r) Spaces Committee, Internal Policy/HR Committee, Resource & Fund Development Committee, Radical Committee, and Membership Engagement Committee. 

Committee work outside of board meetings can range from 2 hours per month to 4+ hours per month depending on a board members’ given capacity. Our board also enjoys meeting together informally on occasion to celebrate in the work and community, which includes events such as: seasonal barbeques /potlucks, volunteer appreciation, working meetings and get-togethers at the market. 

If you have any questions or would like more information, you can contact Board Co-chairs at or our Projects Coordinator at

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NOTE: If you'd prefer to apply via email, we can send you a word document application instead. Please contact us at to obtain a copy.

We are a community service co-op spearheaded by community stakeholders to connect producers and consumers of local food.